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birth house of simon gregorčič

architect Mima Suhadolc
client Tolminski muzej project 2006 built 2007 site Vrsno pri Kobaridu
photo Miran Kambič

Birth house of the Slovenian poet Simon Gregorčič is a typical representative of rural architecture that can be found in Kobarid and nearby Slovenian villages. Since 1955, the house hosted a memorial room with important objects from poet’s heritage. In 1966, the first more intensive renovation took place under Janez Suhadolc. During the following four decades, multiple questionable interior-related interventions took place.
The most important issue became the newly built floor plate above the ground floor. The floor plate was removed with the last renovation – the enlarged interior with small windows now again gives the visitors the feeling of a sacred place, intimately connected with Gregorčič’s life and work.
Ground floor is dedicated to the existential theme – ethnographical collection from the era of poet’s life is displayed there. The life of poet is represented as a timeline with all relevant events that were happening simultaneously in the life of Simon Gregorčič and in world history. Dull and non-involving descriptions were replaced with facts that trigger visitors’ imagination and encourage them to construct their own unique stories about the great Slovenian poet.

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