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bohinj cottages

architect Mima Suhadolc
client PAC d.o.o. project 2013 site Ribčev Laz net internal area 14 m2
visualization Sergej Mostnar

Bohinj Cottages are glamping units, designed in accordance with traditional Bohinj highlands architecture. The units are entirely made of wood. The foundation is built of rock and contains no concrete elements.
Basic purpose of Bohinj cottages is to offer a cozy experience of living in a completely natural environment. Their shape and technical characteristics are therefore adapted to this function in the same way as the primordial Bohinj dwellings were (and still are) to their.
The dwelling unit is constructed as a two-room cottage with a steep gable roof. Front room is dedicated to daily activities and the back room is designed as a cozy bedroom. Width and height of cottage follow these two functions – large and airy front room is followed by a smaller and more intimate back room. Front room is equipped with a table and a bench that can be used as a spare bed. A small kitchen with solid fuel stove is also available. Rear room has a double bed and some extra space for personal luggage.

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