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earth cabins

architect Mima Suhadolc
client Zavod Marianum, Veržej project 2013 built 2013 site Veržej net internal area 8,6 m2 + terrace 3,8 m2

Earth cabins are small dwelling units designed for glamping. Their shape is based on ancient Slavic shelters that were partly entrenched and covered with soil.
The entrenched lower part of earth cabins are made of visible concrete. The diagonally rising ridge of gable roof is entirely made of wood and covered with hay.
All sides of earth cabin’s roof end with soffits. This creates an impression of cabins as levitating haystacks in the middle of flat fields. Roof ridge ends with an awning which covers a fairly spacious entrance terrace. Due to limited resources, the cabin interior has been shaped as a non-divided space that primarily serves as a bedroom. Transformation into a double space interior is planned for future. The entering space will serve as a living room with extra beds and the remaining part of the cabin will continue to play its role as a resting and sleeping part of the shelter.

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