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housing stara cesta

architects Jože Peterkoč, Mima Suhadolc
client Texcom d.o.o. leto projekta 2006 site Stara cesta, Kranj net internal area 3.518 m2
visualization Sergej Mostnar

The construction site is located on the western part of Kranj town center. From an urbanistic point of view, the building organically continues the shape of existing skyline ̶ specifically, the main town street’s western end, as the building stands on the slope beneath it.
The building units are placed along the Stara cesta street. They preserve the view over the old town center and do not obstruct the above positioned villa that was designed by architect Jože Plečnik.
Instead of an oversized monolithic block, the building consists of three interconnected towers that follow the shape of the slope. In the part that is turned uphill, the towers are inteconnected with transparent stairs. Garage part of the buildings is placed in the partly sub-ground level cellar.
The non-built-up part of estate above the cellar is a place for ground floor apartments’ gardens. The design concept of building’s exterior is uniform – outer shell mimics a neutral monochromatic shell that unobtrusively fills the gap between the multitenant string and the existing town center’s buildings.
The façade design follows the geometrical principle of interchangeable full and empty cutouts. The loggias of dwelling units serve as an emphasis. These loggias are shaped as prismatic convexities with colored surfaces of inside walls. The façade of stairways that connect the buildings is a transparent shell that stresses the compact volumes of towers and enables the sights over the existing buildings and parking spaces.

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