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housing struževo

architects Jože Peterkoč, Mima Suhadolc
client Municipality of Kranj project 2008
site Struževo, Kranj net internal area 2 x 1.635 m2
visualization Sergej Mostnar

Non-profit suburban housing in Struževo near Kranj is aligned with the preceding urbanistic concept that proposes three longitudinally oriented buildings (the lowest of them is already present) with transverse pent roof.
The housing concept follows the organic positioning of higher placed buildings in lines parallel to the slope on which they are standing.
Ground plan that follows the urbanistic concept is slightly irregular and the two higher buildings are slightly shifted in their heights. Optimal insolation is the result of such positioning. What is more, the shifted levels of apartments have also added to the privacy of apartments. Larger corner apartments are oriented in two directions; the smaller units are oriented toward the sun. Open loggias are part of all the apartments’ living rooms.

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